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Dimension painting filtering wall 

A : 2000mm

B: 1000mm

C: 1,900mm

8,400 m3/hour


Filters sec :

  • Longer life than other filters.
  • Maximum retention capacity up to 23Kg/m2 
  • Filtration up to 98% with Standard or ECO filters.
  • Effective filtration up to 99% with Super Efficiency filters (high performance).
  • Staple and glue assembly for greater strength and longer life.



  • Belt with external motors, integrated hatches.
  • The air flow is adapted  depending on the surface of the filters.
  • The motors are 380V but we can also offer them  in 220V.
  • Turbine with wing profile blade, with fixed or variable angle in stopped position, made of polypropylene or aluminium, it is connected directly or by belt pulley drive to the self-ventilated electric motor in compliance with European standards.



  • Available as a simple to assemble galvanized steel kit
  • Fully modular construction, 
  • Top mounted fans 
  • Option of explosion-proof motors.
  • Low cost, easy to install filters.
  • Supplied with push button starter(s).
  • Simple and inexpensive maintenance.
  • Panels.
  • Complies with current health and safety legislation.

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