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We have the standard paint booths that we can ship quickly. However, as a manufacturer, we are also able to provide you with a customized paint booth solution. 

Our cabins (workstation) are used in many sectors. Whatever the size of your business, we support you and design a tailor-made project with you.

More than 50% of the paint booths we sell are designed specifically for the needs of our customers.

We can modify the design, size, to meet each request and quickly set up the project, we can also modify the color, add logo or information. ​ Our teams work to quickly design and create custom paint booths to meet the most urgent requests. ​ For a quote or a request for information, please fill out the contact form.

cabine de peinture gonflable


The advantages of an inflatable spray booth

Cars, boats, trains, buses, or other heavy trucks... Painting needs are quite varied. In the exercise of their profession, body painters handle products whose harmful nature is not the least.
Aware of the fact that for professionals like you, mobility, malleability and safety are essential, Sellerpro offers you inflatable paint booths. The advantages they offer deserve attention.

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