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Découvrez nos cabines de peinture spécialement conçues pour les poids lourds et les bus sur la page dédiée de Sellerpro. Nous comprenons les besoins uniques de l'industrie du transport et nous offrons des solutions adaptées pour la peinture et la finition de vos véhicules de grande taille. Nos cabines de peinture pour poids lourds et bus sont équipées de fonctionnalités avancées, garantissant une qualité de finition exceptionnelle et une protection durable contre les intempéries et les conditions routières difficiles. Avec notre expertise reconnue et nos partenariats avec les principaux acteurs de l'industrie, vous pouvez compter sur nos cabines de peinture pour répondre aux normes les plus élevées de qualité et de performance. Obtenez des résultats professionnels et durables pour la peinture de vos poids lourds et bus avec Sellerpro.

Installation and maintenance by our teams


​ A paint and drying booth is where the truck is painted via a spray gun with an air channel operating under low pressure and followed by drying. The air coming from outside the facility via the ceiling filter system. The paint particles retained by the paint stop filters and decomposed from the air. The spray booth is equipped with diesel or oil burner and fan-motor units. In front of the entrance to the structure an entrance ramp, metal basement or drainage works, a channel connection to the air circulation units is executed and installed at the top of the installation.


Modèle cabine peinture poid lourd
Cabine peinture poid lourd et bus

The side walls are made of 1 mm galvanized sheet metal, with 60 mm glass wool insulation. In order to provide an ergonomic view and a longer service life, the outer surface of the panels is painted with imported static powder paint. Our products have the lighting system that has been designed to optimize color control during the painting phase.

In the paint booth, there is a suspension system with rails hanging from the ceiling, which makes it possible to paint parts next to the automobile. The ceiling is the section that ensures the homogeneous flow of air coming from the heat exchanger, through the plenum and the filters.

The ceiling consists of sheet metal panels with a special insulating backing, and in order to clean the air supplied to the cabin, a filter element made of non-flammable, special high-performance, long-life material is placed under the ceiling. There is a 4-leaf door at the front, and 1 entry and exit door system for operators. Door items have viewing windows made of safety glasses. The thickness of the doors is 55 mm and insulated with 55 mm glass wool. All windows include glasses.

up air unit: This unit supplies filtered fresh air to the booth and blows used air upside down while painting. On the other hand, during drying, it heats the air up to 60 ° C and supplies the cabin, mixes the used air with fresh air at the rate of 10% (through the multi-register) and circulates it after heating.

Air heating is provided by a diesel or oil burner with a capacity of 150,000 kcal / h and a heat exchanger made of 304 quality stainless steel sheet. The first start and the increase in temperature of the air up to 60°C takes about 15 minutes, depending on outside weather conditions.

The distribution of heated or unheated air in the cabin or its circulation is provided by two industrial type fans, each with a capacity of 18,000 m³ / h. In this device, the air is routed to the cabin after being filtered by a pre-filter. Additionally, the outlet air is controlled by a damper in the outlet air channel.

Electrical system: Electrical and control panel Panel in which motors and appliances within the proposal enclosure are operated and controlled from a central point to enable them to fulfill their functions.

The panel is made of GALVANIZED sheets and steel profiles, which are impact resistant, fully covered, waterproof and moisture proof. The panel must include all the necessary switches and fuses for the motors and electrical appliances, if applicable the signaling lamps, the thermal relay, the contactor and the clemences.

Wiring: Command and control connections from the electrical panel to motors and other electrical devices should be made with heat resistant cables. Power lines should be placed on a base so that formation and replacement is easy.

Ready-to-use devices: 380 V 50 Hz. The voltage of the control devices is 24 volts

Cabine peinture poid lourd et bus

A paint booth dedicated to trucks 

Essential equipment for any Body Shop, the  paint booth has clear advantages over traditional booths. Are you a mechanic or bodybuilder and are you thinking of acquiring a paint booth dedicated to trucks and buses? No need to buy one, used, with our reduced prices. 

With Sellerpro, take advantage of a paint and drying booth with or without civil engineering, thanks to our NS models. Their description and mode of operation comply with standards for professional use. 

Automotive Paint Booth: Description

From the outset, what seduces with the car paint and drying booth is its side walls made of 1mm galvanized sheet metal, with glass wool insulation. 

The reason we painted the exterior surface of the panels with imported static powder paint is to guarantee the professional you are, an ergonomic view and the durability of your cabin. 

As you know, color control during the painting phase is essential. Our cabin adapts perfectly to this imperative through the optimization of its lighting system.

The cheap car paint and drying booth also gives the mechanic and the bodybuilder a practical experience of use thanks to the suspension system with rails hanging from the ceiling.

As for the ceiling, it consists of sheet metal panels with an insulating support. To ensure the purity of the air present in the cabin, a high-performance filtering element, made of non-flammable material, has been installed.

In addition, several elements make it possible to convince oneself of the high quality of this cabin. It is indeed equipped with several systems:

✓The booster air unit 

It ensures continuous air renewal. During drying, it also heats the air up to 60° C. 

✓ The electrical system

It consists of an electrical panel and controls

✓ Wiring

Our paint and drying booth models are thought out so as to obtain heat-resistant wiring and whose formation and renewal are quite convenient. 

Truck and bus drying cabin: Operation 

Our NS Models Automotive Painting and Drying Booth is where the car or its rims are painted via a spray gun with an air channel operating under low pressure and followed by drying. It is the ceiling filter system that provides oxygenation. 

The cabin is indeed equipped with a diesel or oil burner and fan-motor units. 

In addition, in front of the cabin entrance, there is a ramp, a kind of metal basement for excavation work. There is also a duct connection to the air circulation units. 

Why buy your Booth for painting trucks and buses from Sellerpro?

You will gain a lot by using our services for the purchase of a car paint and drying booth. As advantages, we can mention:

  • Prices widely studied. So why buy second-hand?

  • Compliance with safety standards

  • Environmental Protection

  • Optimization of spaces

  • Better rendering

  • Neat and fast work

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