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Our CP models from 15,990 euros excluding tax

Spécialement conçues pour répondre aux besoins des professionnels de la peinture, nos cabines de préparation offrent un environnement optimal pour préparer efficacement les surfaces avant la peinture. Grâce à des fonctionnalités avancées telles que la ventilation contrôlée, l'éclairage précis et les filtres de qualité supérieure, nos cabines garantissent un environnement propre et sécurisé pour des travaux de préparation de haute qualité. Que vous soyez un carrossier, un peintre automobile ou travaillez dans l'industrie, nos cabines de préparation sont adaptées à tous les besoins. Faites confiance à notre expertise et à notre réputation établie pour obtenir des résultats professionnels et une efficacité maximale lors de vos travaux de préparation. Choisissez Sellerpro pour des cabines de préparation de qualité supérieure.

CP 7000

Cabine de préparation automobile
Cabine de préparation automobile

CP 8000

Cabine de préparation automobile


“Paint preparation” unit with air channels, operating under low pressure, in which the pre-painting operations of the vehicle are carried out. The air is ejected out of the installation thanks to a filtering system. Various dusts and particles retained by paint stop filters and decomposed from the air. The paint preparation unit is equipped with fan-motor units. The unit can be installed on the floor of the installation with an entrance ramp at the front and a metal plinth or excavation work by establishing a connecting channel to the units for air circulation.

A dedicated automotive paint booth

Indispensable equipment for any Body Shop, the automotive paint booth has clear advantages over traditional booths. Are you a mechanic or bodybuilder and are you thinking of acquiring a paint booth dedicated to the automobile? No need to buy one, used, with our reduced prices. 

With Sellerpro, take advantage of a car paint and drying booth without civil engineering, thanks to our NS models. Their description and mode of operation comply with standards for professional use. 

Automotive Paint Booth: Description

From the outset, what seduces with the car paint and drying booth is its side walls made of 1mm galvanized sheet metal, with glass wool insulation. 

The reason we painted the exterior surface of the panels with imported static powder paint is to guarantee the professional you are, an ergonomic view and the durability of your cabin. 

As you know, color control during the painting phase is essential. Our cabin adapts perfectly to this imperative through the optimization of its lighting system.

The cheap car paint and drying booth also gives the mechanic and the bodybuilder a practical experience of use thanks to the suspension system with rails hanging from the ceiling.

As for the ceiling, it consists of sheet metal panels with an insulating support. To ensure the purity of the air present in the cabin, a high-performance filtering element, made of non-flammable material, has been installed.

In addition, several elements make it possible to convince oneself of the high quality of this cabin. It is indeed equipped with several systems:

The make-up air unit 

It ensures continuous air renewal. During drying, it also heats the air up to 60° C. 

The electrical system

It consists of an electrical panel and controls


Our paint and drying booth models are thought out so as to obtain heat-resistant wiring and whose formation and renewal are quite convenient. 

Automotive drying cabinet: Operation 

Our NS Models Automotive Painting and Drying Booth is where the car or its rims are painted via a spray gun with an air channel operating under low pressure and followed by drying. It is the ceiling filter system that provides oxygenation. 

The cabin is indeed equipped with a diesel or oil burner and fan-motor units. 

In addition, in front of the cabin entrance, there is a ramp, a kind of metal basement for excavation work. There is also a duct connection to the air circulation units. 

Why buy your Booth for painting cars from Sellerpro?

You will gain a lot by using our services for the purchase of a car paint and drying booth. As advantages, we can mention:

  • Prices widely studied. So why buy second-hand?

  • Compliance with safety standards

  • Environmental Protection

  • Optimization of spaces

  • Better rendering

  • Neat and fast work

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