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cabine peinture container

20 or 40 FEET

Découvrez nos cabines de peinture en container de 20 ou 40 pieds de Sellerpro. Ces cabines de peinture offrent une solution complète et polyvalente pour vos besoins de peinture industrielle. Grâce à leur structure robuste et modulaire, nos cabines en container garantissent un environnement de travail contrôlé et efficace, adapté à différents secteurs et applications. Que vous soyez dans l'industrie automobile, l'aéronautique, la construction ou d'autres domaines industriels, nos cabines en container vous offrent l'espace nécessaire pour réaliser des travaux de peinture de grande envergure. Avec leur conception modulaire, elles peuvent être aménagées selon vos besoins spécifiques, avec des systèmes de ventilation, des filtres de haute qualité et des éclairages adaptés. Optez pour nos cabines de peinture en container et bénéficiez d'une solution pratique, durable et personnalisable pour vos opérations de peinture industrielle. Avec Sellerpro, vous pouvez compter sur des cabines de peinture en container de qualité supérieure, conçues pour répondre aux exigences les plus élevées de l'industrie.


Sellerpro Transportable / Mobile Container Paint Booths offer an ingenious convergence of existing technologies combined with an innovative design perspective. This product meets a very specific and unique requirement: mobility. When you have to paint   "on-site", profitability demands that you maximize every aspect of transportability to stay competitive. You can produce a high quality finish, without too much hassle! The container paint booth is the solution you are looking for!

Just drop it in, plug it in and go! When you're done, unplug it and put it in a truck.   You have now left for the next construction site. It really is that simple! This mobile paint booth offers:

- High quality results

- Simple to install, simple to disassemble

- Easy to use

- Easy to maintain

- Completely mobile



- 20ft container base and spray painted top coat

- Entrance door: Double door, insulated 1x door with panic bar

- Air inlet door with G4 filtration grid

- Insulation (interior side): sandwich panels filled with 40 mm PIR polyurethane, flammability class B1 - Window: thermopane PVC

- Lighting system: 2 closed type LED lamps 4x36W, ATEX zone II.


- Material: 1.5 mm galvanized sheet - Exhaust fan: 9,000 m³/h 4KW 50Hz radial type, sheet metal body, polyamide impeller

- Filter type: 1st stage

- 2-stage overspray cardboard filter

- Fiberglass paint stop filter

- Contamination control: by differential pressure switch.


- Container cabin ventilation type: closed paint with horizontal ventilation

- Air velocity (spray booth) 0.5 m/s (empty spray booth)

- Air speed (at the surface of the filters): 0.60 m/s

- Operating temperature: room temperature

- Spray booth floor: aluminum checkered plate.


- External dimensions  : Length (mm): 6.058 / Width (mm): 2.438 / Height (mm): 2.591 136bad5cf58d_

- Interior dimensions:   Length (mm): 5,900 / Width (mm): 2,350 / Height (mm): 2,390

- Filtering wall dimensions: Length: 2,200 mm / Depth: 800 mm / Height: 1,800 mm  

- Filtering area: 4 m² - Window: 600 x 600mm


- Control panel: standard control panel, Schneider Electric and equivalent, controlled from the exterior side of the spray booth.


- Air gun and hose system placed on the inner wall

- 380V electrical outlet placed on the exterior wall

- Air compressor inlet placed on the outer wall.


A real waterproof paint booth in a transportable container

When it comes to painting, transportability is essential for garage and bodywork professionals. Seller pro, the inflatable and retractable container paint booth specialist, understood this so well. 

It offers you the waterproof paint booth in a transportable container. The advantages that this cabin provides are numerous. This is why many professionals have tried it and adopted it. How can it be beneficial in the areas of bodywork and industry?

Container cabin: How does it look?

The container cabin is made up of several elements. It is formed by a 20ft container base and a spray painted top coat. Its entrance door is made of two leaves. It is insulated with a panic bar. As for the air inlet door, it is fitted with a G4 fixing grid.  

As for the lower side, it is totally insulated with sandwich panels filled with polyurethane. Note that the windows are made of thermopane PVC. Excellent lighting is provided by two LED lamps. 

Container cabin: The guarantee of good air filtration

The Seller pro container cabin is the product of a 1.5mm galvanized sheet construction, a radial type 9,000 m³/h 4KW 50Hz extraction fan, a sheet body and a polyamide wheel. . 

To ensure better filtration, the sealed paint booth is equipped with two filter levels. On the first floor, an overspray cardboard filter is installed. On the 2nd floor, the paint stop filter is made of fiberglass. 

In addition, contamination control is ensured by the differential pressure switch. 

In addition, the closed container cabin is equipped with flammability class B1. 

Container paint booth: What are its advantages?

The closed paint booth offers the professional mechanic and bodybuilder great freedom of movement. It has several advantages:

  • It is modular

  • It offers comfort of use thanks to its mobility

Indeed, when you want to paint on site, to be profitable, you should maximize every aspect of transportability, in order to have a good profit margin. The sealed container cabin helps you achieve this goal by producing a high quality finish, without too much hassle.

  • Ease of use

Using a paint booth has never been easier. After having placed it on the ground, you will have to plug it in and you are in work mode! At the end, all you have to do is place it in a truck and head to another construction site!

  • An economical choice

  • An anti-burglary system

  • A choice that respects the standards in force

Indeed, the law authorizes the storage of paint near the cabin only when it is a daily consumption. Apart from these cases, it will be necessary to store the stock of paint in a secure place. If necessary, the use of a container cabin is a practical solution. Best of all, you don't need a building permit. 

In addition, Seller pro offers you container cabins delivered assembled and ready to use.  

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