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Industrial removable retractable paint booth

Outdoor inflatable paint booth

The brand new sellerpro workstation has been specially designed to be used outdoors and in particular for home bodywork or express bodywork.


The evacuation of paint mist is done using a motor (air dryer) placed at the rear of the cabin. This allows the cabin to be pressurized and direct paint, varnish and other mist towards the filtering walls. Located at the front of the cabin. These walls are equipped with activated carbon filters.


THE CABIN: The Sellerpro inflatable paint booth allows you to carry out all your painting and bodywork work by offering you advantages such as mobility, space saving, easy and quick installation, reduction in the cost of investment and operation, etc.

THE ADVANTAGES:   Easy to transport. Pressurized entry airlock. Lighter. 100% waterproof UV resistance. Rounded roof for rain drainage.