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Inflatable painting booth

The Sellerpro inflatable paint booth allows you to perform all your painting and bodywork with the advantages of mobility, space saving, easy and quick installation,

lower investment cost and operation ...

It helps protect your work as well as the outdoor environment from paint emissions.



Evacuation of paint mists is done through an engine (air dryer) placed at the back of the cabin, which allows to put the cabin in suppression and to direct the mists of paint, varnish ... to the walls filters located at the front of the cabin that are equipped with activated carbon filter.


The inflatable paint booth is equipped with active carbon filters and traditional cab pre-filter to help filter incoming air and protect the exterior from paint emissions.



The cabin can withstand a temperature of up to 40 degrees to integrate heating systems (furnaces, heat lamps, IRT).


The transparent parts of the cabin to take advantage of the outside light, there are also rings that are distributed inside to suspend lighting (ATEX).

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2499,17 euro net

3332.50 euro before tax

custom painting booth

Our cabins (workstation) are used in many sectors, whatever the size of your company, the activity or the constraints, we accompany you and design with you a made-to-measure project.


For a quote or a request for information, please fill out the contact form.


bodywork at home

The all-new sellerpro workstation has been specifically designed to meet the new concepts of the bodywork at home or express bodywork.


Advantages :


- Easy to carry

- lighter

- Resistant to the influence of UV rays

- 100% Waterproof

- rounded roof for the evacuation of rain

oxford plus 3499,00€

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