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Industrial removable retractable paint booth

100% French manufacturing

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The retractable RETRA-PAINT PLUS   spray booth has revolutionized the concept of the spray booth. It is the ideal solution for painting heavy or difficult to manage objects. The entire work area is folded up, the object to be sprayed is lifted into position, then the retractable spray booth is pulled around the object and ready to be painted.

Due to their modular design, the  RETRA-PAINT PLUS retractable spray booths can be designed to accommodate almost any item and for any location. The spray booth has reinforced flame retardant transparent sheets, which allow excellent visibility.

These collapsible and retractable paint booths are also the solution for "occasional" use situations, in which they can be folded away, leaving valuable floor space for other painting processes. work.

Cabine peinture rétractable pour bateau et catamaran

Cabine peinture rétractable pour bateau et catamaran

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