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THE CABIN: The Sellerpro inflatable paint booth allows you to carry out all your painting and bodywork work by offering you advantages such as mobility, space saving, easy and quick installation, reduction in the cost of investment and operation, etc.

OPERATION:   The evacuation of paint mist is done using an engine (air dryer) placed at the rear of the cabin. This allows the cabin to be pressurized and to direct the mist of paint, varnish and the like towards the filtering walls located at the front of the cabin. These walls are equipped with activated carbon filters.

FILTRATION:   The inflatable paint booth is fitted with activated carbon filters and traditional booth pre-filters to help filter incoming air and protect the exterior from paint emissions.

STORING:   The cabin can withstand a temperature of up to 40 degrees, in order to integrate heating systems (hot air generators, heat lamps, IRT).

LIGHTING:   The transparent parts of the cabin allow you to take advantage of the outside light, it is also equipped with rings   distributed inside and on which you can can suspend lighting (ATEX)


The advantages of an inflatable spray booth

Cars, boats, trains, buses, or other heavy trucks...Painting needs are quite varied. In the exercise of their profession, body painters handle products whose harmful nature is not the least.
Aware of the fact that for professionals like you, mobility, malleability and safety are essential, Sellerpro offers you inflatable paint booths. The advantages they offer deserve attention.

mobile paint booth
mobile paint booth
removable paint booth
foldable paint booth

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