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Découvrez nos cabines de poudrage (époxy/thermolaquage) de Sellerpro. Nous vous proposons des solutions complètes pour l'application de revêtements en poudre, tels que l'époxy et le thermolaquage. Nos cabines de poudrage sont conçues pour offrir un environnement de travail efficace, propre et sûr, permettant une application précise et uniforme des revêtements en poudre. Grâce à notre expertise dans le domaine, nous vous garantissons des cabines de poudrage fiables, durables et de haute qualité, répondant aux normes les plus strictes de l'industrie. Que vous soyez dans l'industrie automobile, le mobilier, la menuiserie ou tout autre secteur nécessitant un revêtement en poudre de qualité supérieure, nos cabines de poudrage (époxy/thermolaquage) sont adaptées à vos besoins spécifiques. Optez pour Sellerpro et bénéficiez de solutions de poudrage professionnelles, conçues pour améliorer votre productivité et obtenir des résultats impeccables. Choisissez nos cabines de poudrage (époxy/thermolaquage) et assurez-vous d'une finition de revêtement en poudre exceptionnelle et durable.


Advantages of ZKM SERIES powder spray booths

These small powder coating spray booths are an economical solution for basic powder coating operations requiring recovery capability in continuous production situations. For small powder coating shops, these powder spray booths offer high performance, very economical and reduced effort. ​

- Constructed of epoxy powder coated steel with a compact structure
- Low profile cab bottom eliminates powder coating.
- Two-piece quick release type filter for powder recovery, convenient for cleaning and color changing.
- 2.5 kw fan motor installed on the top to save space, powerful extraction capacity with low noise
- Automatic cleaning of the filter controlled by pulsed jet, which prevents the accumulation of powder and prolongs the life of the filter.
- Requires only a quick and easy electrical and pneumatic connection to start production. ​

How does the powder coating booth work? ​ During operation, sprayed powder accumulates on the cartridge filters. As the cartridge filters load, the airflow decreases and the negative pressure increases in the air handler. A timer activates a system of air purge valves that clean the cartridge filters of accumulated powder to ensure maximum filter life.

XMF SERIE Walk- in Powder Coating Spray Booth

XM booths are ideal for coating large or heavy parts. Once the part to be coated has been positioned in the booth, the operator enters and coats the parts from all sides. These parts are then unrolled directly in the powder drying oven. The walk-in cabin finds use in the batch system for control panels, cabinets, large cast iron products, etc. Advantages of Powder Coating Booth 1. High-precision recovery filters effectively separate powders from air, create clean working conditions. 2. Quick release filter cartridges make it easy to replace while changing color. 3. Study of powder-coated steel structure ensures durability, safety and long service life. 4. Overall shipped and tested well before delivery, only need simple electrical and pneumatic connection before use. 5. Simple structure and high quality components require less maintenance

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sellerpro powder booths use only the highest quality filters made of 100% polyester, they don't drip, separate powder from air well. They can be washed with pressure water, they ensure long-term operation.

Nettoyage automatique des filtres


SELLERPRO cabins are equipped with an electronic automatic filter cleaning system. The cabin has an adjusted range of cleaning interval, pulse time, each filter is cleaned individually, filters can also be cleaned manually with buttons.



We use aluminum fans which are safe, do not cause sparks when rubbed by metal elements. Due to their importance in saving energy and consuming small amounts of current, they are very quiet and operate at the level of 74-dB.

Unité de contrôle 


The control unit has many programs. Different bottom match different function. Control the fan on/off, adjust the time range of the pulse to clean the filters, raise and lower the powder collection hopper.

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